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4 Quick and careful tips for better SEO graphics optimization - Review at 8 | Review at 8 4 Quick and careful tips for better SEO graphics optimization - Review at 8
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4 Quick and careful tips for better SEO graphics optimization

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SEO or search engine optimization is not at all a trivial task as it covers such a huge section that most of the Internet marketers find it difficult to manage all the aspects at a time.

To make a website completely crawlable for the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, you need to work on the graphics also, along with managing the content and the theme. Great graphic optimization is necessary for that reason.

Some graphic optimization tips
Here are 4 smart tips which you must bring into play for effective graphic optimization. Have a look at the tips below:
  1. The image Alt Tags are essential: Sometimes only images aren’t sufficient enough for the visitors. When it becomes difficult to assess what a particular image is trying to portray, Alt Tag may come up to solve the problem. An Alt Tag is a small text that appears when you put the cursor over an image. That text helps to get a complete idea about the image. It happens sometimes that due to technical problems, images don’t appear immediately. In such a circumstance Alt Tag turns out to be really helpful.
  1. Keep the design and color simple: Don’t apply too much colors or textures. This will reduce the size of the graphics and problems will not arise while uploading. Intricate detailing and imbalanced PNG usage may increase the size of the graphic. Be careful with the image detailing. Try to use simple linear images and contrasting colors to make the graphics simple yet attractive.
  1. Select GIF or JPEG carefully: You must select the image type according to your website’s requirement. GIF(Graphics Interchange Format) images come up with very limited color options and you can edit JPEG(Joint Photographic Experts Group) image as per your requirements. If you’re planning to design a simple logo for your website, a line-art or a cartoon drawing, then GIF can be the suitable option for you. JPEG helps to create a graphics on a larger scale. Of course you must keep the image size in mind. Smallest is undoubtedly the best. Resize your image until it meets the requirements for your website.
  1. Maintain a balance between text and graphics: Graphics are important for improving the ranking of any website, but that doesn’t mean that you should only keep uploading images. You must make it a point to maintain a smart balance between the text content and graphics. Try to provide short and informative description with every graphic. This will make it easier for the visitors to understand your point. Otherwise visitors may feel lost without any proper explanation.
You must also keep relevancy in your mind. Don’t upload any image just for the sake of optimization. Make it easier for the visitors to connect. This will increase the value of your website and your ranking will automatically swell up. You must design the graphics separately for the mobile websites too as they work on a different note. So just be careful while graphic optimization and make SEO a sure shot success.

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